Does Bowtie Touchwood Protector provide worldwide coverage?

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Yes, The plan provides worldwide coverage with the exception of psychiatric treatment. The psychiatric treatment benefit under Touchwood Protector is only applicable within Hong Kong.

Please note that both the Policyholder and the Insured Persons must reside in Hong Kong at the time of application. The coverage shall remain effective whether the Insured Persons plan to reside overseas temporarily or permanently. (except for places of residence affected by sanctions or war).An extra loading might be applied to reflect the higher risks of the relocated countries. If you do not accept the premium adjustment, you can choose not to renew your policy. If the Insured Persons go out of town for travel, studying abroad or work temporarily, No extra premium loading will be applied to policies.

The Policyholder and the Insured Persons should contact Bowtie for any address/location updates. For any enquiries, please contact our customer service team at 3008 8123.

When the policy is in effect, I plan to live overseas for permanent or temporary reasons, will the policy still be in effect?