Do I still have to pay for my premium after I’ve claimed my critical illness insurance? Also, would my premium be higher because I had claimed it?

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We currently provide 2 types of Term Critical Illness plans:

Bowtie Term Critical Illness will only provide a one-off compensation. The policy will be terminated once the compensation was paid.

Bowtie Term Critical Illness Multiple Cover allows 5 claims in total, 100% of the Sum Insured each time as long as the policyholder keeps paying the premium until the insured reaches 85 years old.

The policy will be automatically renewed every year with the standard premium rate based on the age of the insured. Please note that the standard premium rate is not a guarantee of future premiums but may be changed based on a number of different factors that include our claims, renewal experience, expenses and any applicable protection amendments. However, the premium rate will not be adjusted due to a review of any insured's past claim history, illnesses diagnosed after application, and other personal factors. Bowtie will not increase premiums or additional premiums (if any) due to changes in the insured's health.