Is there any overlap in coverage between Bowtie Touchwood and Bowtie VHIS?

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Yes, Bowtie VHIS basically covers the coverage of Bowtie Touchwood. The only difference is that Bowtie Touchwood provides more protection for outpatient treatment due to accident which Bowtie VHIS is not providing, such as physiotherapy and bone-setting treatment:

  Coverage of Bowtie Touchwood^
Physiotherapy, chiropractic and Chinese bone-setting treatments #
  1. 8 visits per policy year
  2. For Injuries that involve bone fracture: 6 visits per accident ; HK$500 per visit (1 visit per day)
  3. For Injuries that involve no bone fracture: 4 visits per accident ; HK$250 per visit (1 visit per day)
Outpatient treatments*
  1. HK$5,000 per Policy Year
  2. HK$580 per visit

In fact, Bowtie VHIS (especially Bowtie Pink) can cover all examinations and surgical treatments, even pre- and post-Confinement/Day Case Procedure outpatient care (1),(2), so it may not be necessary to purchase Touchwood at the same time.

^Payable for the actual expenses for Medically Necessary treatments which are incurred within 12 month of the date of the Accident. Medical treatments covered include:
#Include charges on the treatments respectively performed by a Registered Physiotherapist, a Registered Chiropractor and a Registered Chinese Bonesetter
* include charges on: (i) consultation and medication by a Registered Medical Practitioner (excluding psychiatric treatment); and (ii) diagnostic X-ray and ultrasound
(1)The Company shall have the right to ask for proof of recommendation e.g. written referral or testifying statement on the claim form by the attending doctor or Registered Medical Practitioner.
(2)2 prior outpatient visit or Emergency consultation per Confinement/Day Case Procedure; 3 follow-up outpatient visits per Confinement/Day Case Procedure (within 90 days after discharge from Hospital or completion of Day Case Procedure).

Which one should I buy first?

As mentioned above, Bowtie VHIS covers the basic coverage of Bowtie Touchwood. Therefore, you can consider only purchasing Bowtie VHIS!


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Of course, if you have a sufficient budget, and really concerned about the outpatient coverage (such as physiotherapy, bone-setting) due to accident, you could purchase Touchwood to top up more outpatient protection for yourself. If you failed to purchase VHIS due to health conditions during underwriting, you could consider purchasing Bowtie Touchwood (3).


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(3) The insured person's health condition has less impact on the success of purchasing Bowtie Touchwood, so it can protect you from medical expense spending caused by accidents.