Should I purchase “Bowtie Term CI”, “Bowtie Term CI - Multiple Cover” or “Bowtie Term CI - Early Stage and Multiple Cover”?

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We recommend choosing “Term CI - Early Stage and Multiple Cover” to obtain the most comprehensive protection.

We have noticed an increasing trend in the incidence of early stage critical illnesses as well as the recurrence rates for the three major critical illnesses in recent years. As a result, Bowtie is introducing the "Term CI - Early Stage and Multiple Cover" to provide customers with coverage, whether it is before a disease develops into a major critical illness or in the event of a recurrent diagnosis of a major critical illness.

Moreover, with just a 12% increase in monthly premium*, you can upgrade from "Term CI - Multiple Cover" to "Term CI - Early Stage and Multiple Cover". Even if budget is a concern, we still recommend you to purchase "Term CI - Multiple Cover" to ensure that you and your family can maintain the quality of life in the event of a recurrence of the three major critical illnesses.

*For a 35 year old male non-smoker with a HK$1M insured sum, the monthly premiums for “Bowtie Term Critical Illness (Multiple Cover)” is $187. With a 12% increase in premiums his plan can be upgraded to “Bowtie Term Critical Illness - Early Stage and Multiple Cover” with monthly premiums at $211.