What is the Application process?

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7 steps to get insured from Bowtie!

  1. Get a preliminary quotation with the insured person’s age, gender and smoking status here.
  2. By clicking “Apply Now”, you can declare the insured person’s health conditions through a few dozens of multiple choice questions for underwriting.
  3. After that, you would get a quotation of the monthly premium and any other additional premiums or exclusions. Monthly premium for the next 5 years would also be provided for reference.
  4. Confirm the policy by entering insured’s personal information.
    1. If you are applying for yourself, fill in your own personal information.
    2. If you are applying for your family member, you will be the policyholder. Please fill in the personal information of yourself (policyholder) and your family (the insured person).
  5. Complete the real-time identity verification using a mobile phone or other mobile devices with a camera. The system requires the policyholder to take a photo of their identity document and record a selfie video in real-time. Additionally, if the insured is a family member, you will also need to upload their identity document.

    If you are unable to complete the real-time identity verification, you can skip this step, complete the remaining sections and submit the application first, and contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.

  6. Enter credit card details. 
    1. Policyholder’s credit card is required for the payment.
    2. The premium is not charged immediately, we shall charge from your credit card only after the policy is effective.
  7. Submit your application!