Does it cover Carcinoma-in-situ?

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Carcinoma-in-situ (CIS)* is not covered in Bowtie Term Critical Illness Insurance as its impact to the insured’s everyday life is limited. But no worries, it is covered in our Cancer Fighter!


Our Cancer Fighter is your first line of defence! By providing reimbursement benefits, your expenses from all diagnosis and medical treatments are compensated.


If in unfortunate event that CIS progresses to later stages of Caner or even metastasizes to other organs, Bowtie Term Critical Illness Insurance is your back up defence. By providing lump sum benefit payment, it is your living support in treatment or recovery


*CIS, also known as Stage 0 Cancer. Refers to histologically proven, it is a localized pre-invasion lesion where cancer cells have not yet penetrated the basement membrane or invaded the surrounding tissues or stroma.