Is it tax deductible?

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If you have purchased VHIS for yourself or your relatives, you can enjoy tax deduction under salaries tax and personal assessment. The maximum qualifying premiums for tax deduction is HK$8,000 per insured person per assessment year.

The actual tax deducted amount : Actual premium paid* X tax rate^


VHIS is the only medical insurance on the market that is eligible for tax deduction.

Protect your family member, at the same time, save tax!

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If you have more questions on VHIS Tax Deduction, we have prepared an article here for more information. Of course, you could seek advice from tax professionals and the IRD.

* Premiums per insured person should be equal to or under HK$8,000
^ Tax rate vary between each taxpayer
# Specified relatives include your spouse, children, grandparents, parents and sibling of the taxpayer or his/her spouse