Does it cover general outpatient or specialist outpatient fee?

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VHIS covers insurance products that mainly provide hospital insurance protection to the insured. It also covers outpatient care before and after your surgical procedure, either confined or day-case, subject to further benefit limits according to your VHIS policy. In addition, VHIS covers 70% of the fee from prescribed diagnostic imaging tests (ie CT, MRI, PET, PET-CT, PET-MRI) performed by the clinic or hospital.

VHIS Flexi Plans usually provide more benefits than Standard Plans.

Take Bowtie Flexi Plans as examples. We provide additional protection for accident and emergency outpatient treatment. If the insured receives medical services as a patient in the outpatient or emergency department of a hospital within 24 hours of the relevant accident. We would compensate the eligible fees charged for the treatment. Click to learn more about our Flexi Plan!

Bowtie values our customers and hopes to offer more!

Until 30 June 2021, all Bowtie VHIS policyholders would receive a free membership from our BowtieGo outpatient program(application required after the policy is in effect). With the membership, the insured could enjoy outpatient service in our medical network at a member-only price. There are over 13k doctors from 24 specialties in our network; treatments extend from general practitioners, Chinese medicine practitioners, physiotherapists to bone setting specialists.