Do I need to visit your panel doctors?

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No, you could receive compensation for all eligible treatments provided by any doctors as long as it is covered in the VHIS policy.

Follow 2 simple steps to apply for a claim of eligible expenses*:

  1. Log into the customer portal to download the claim form for doctors to fill in. 

    Download the claim form before visiting the doctors, then you won’t have to contact doctors again after the visit.

  2. Upload the claim form with relevant receipt(s) to the platform within 90 days after the service.
If you encounter any difficulties in the process, you could:
  1. Visit this page for more information
  2. Or, reach out to our Customer Service Department for assistance.
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*expenses from medical service diagnosis or treatment due to injury or illness, including hospitalisation, treatment, procedures, testing, inspection or other related services as required by the situation and covered in the policy.