Is there any waiting period?

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There is no waiting period^ for VHIS, unless you are with “unknown pre-existing conditions”*.

For insured without "pre-existing conditions": Even if you suffer from an injury or illness right after the policy is in effect, you would be compensated as policy stated (provided that the items were not excluded from the protection) .

For insured with "pre-existing conditions": You would be compensated under the below waiting period arrangement as policy stated.


Waiting Period (by Policy Year) Compensation ratio
1st policy year 0% (no compensation will be made to the insured)
2nd policy year 25% of the medical expenses within protection limit
3rd policy year 50% of the medical expenses within protection limit
4th policy year 100% of medical expenses within protection limit


^ It refers to a period after policy is in effect when insured would not be compensated under most circumstances.
* It refers to the illness that the insured was not aware of before VHIS application.