BowtieGo Plan Features

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What kind of services are offered?

BowtieGo members are entitled to member exclusive price for General Practitioner Consultation, and Chinese Medicine consultation, 24 types of specialist consultation, dental and physiotherapy consultation depending on plan level. Please log into the online portal for details of your plan.


Which doctor can I visit?

Different doctors are offered according to the plan level. You may log into the online portal for the Bowtie doctor list for your plan.


Can I visit other clinics with this BowtieGo member exclusive price?

No, the member exclusive price is only applicable within the BowtieGo medical network which currently includes over 1300 doctors across Hong Kong with more in the pipeline.


Can I visit the same doctor multiple times within the same day?

Yes, BowtieGo supports unlimited times of outpatient services. You may visit the same doctor multiple times on the same day.


How many times can I visit a doctor within one day?

There is no limitation. You can visit different doctors multiple times on the same day.


Can I have the list of doctors before applying?

Sorry, we could not send you the list of doctors before you become our members as we are regulated by the below Code.

According to the Code of Professional Conduct issued by the Medical Council and Code of Professional Conduct for Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioners in Hong Kong, no organisation shall promote the services of individual doctors to the public and publish the doctor's professional fees or contact methods on publicity materials. You may visit the website of the Medical Council for details of the Code.

If you wish to know more about the medical network, including the number, price range and location of network doctors, please contact our CS team for more information.


Can I use the Elderly Health Care Voucher scheme and BowtieGo together?

Methods of the payment are decided by the clinics. If the clinic allows, you can certainly use the Health Care Voucher as your payment.


Can I apply for BowtieGo when I already have my own medical insurance or medical insurance covered by my company?

Yes, you can apply for the BowtieGo membership even if you have other medical insurance plans. You may enjoy the member exclusive price when visiting the doctor, and make a claim for the balance from your insurance company.