How to use BowtieGo?

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How to use BowtieGo?

Log into our customer portal for all the information you may need!

Upon successful application of BowtieGo, you should be able to log into the portal.

If you are the contract holder of BowtieGo, you will need to enter your HKID number and mobile phone number to login.

If you are the family member of a contract holder, you will need to enter your HKID number and the mobile phone number of the contact holder to login.

In the portal, you may:

  1. Search a doctor in the doctor list.
  2. Generate a member QR code. You need this when you visit a doctor.
  3. Show it to the clinic staff before and after the consultation.


How do I search for a doctor?

Follow below 4 steps:

  1. Upon successful registration, please log into the BowtieGo online portal.
  2. Choose the BowtieGo membership that is in-force
  3. Click “Medical Consultation” and “Search Doctor”.
  4. You can search with filters like “Service”, “Price” and “Area”.

We suggest making an appointment with the targeted clinic by phone to secure a consultation time slot just for you.

If you have any doctor recommendations for our network , feel free to contact us.


Do I need to make a reservation before visiting a doctor?

Yes, you do. Making an appointment allows the clinic to arrange an appointment time slot best for you!


How do I obtain my QR code?

Choose “Show BowtieGo membership QR code” on the online portal to obtain your own membership QR code.

Remember to show it to the clinic staff before and after the medical consultation.


Why is my QR code not working?

If it is not working, please call or WhatsApp our customer service team at 3008 8123 or email us at


Can I know the price of non-members' outpatient consultation fees? What is the general gap between non-members and members' outpatient consultation fees?

Only BowtieGo members could enjoy outpatient services at a member-exclusive price.

Take Chinese Medicine Practitioner as an example, assuming the consultation fee is $280 (with 2 doses of basic Chinese herbal medicine). With BowtieGo’s membership, you can enjoy the service as low as $145 (still with two doses of basic Chinese herbal medicine), almost half of the price!


Type of Consultation Walk-in outpatient Consultation Fee Member Exclusive Price
General Practitioner $350 (Medicine charged separately) as low as 50% off
Chinese Medicine $280 (Include two doses of basic Chinese herbal medicine) as low as $145
Pediatric Specialty $800 – $2,000 (Medicine charged separately) as low as $400


Please note the actual charge is determined by the types of treatments and doctor’s diagnosis. You may also refer to the database on the portal for more charges before making an appointment.