How to use BowtieGo at the Clinic?

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How to use BowtieGo at the clinic?

Obtain a BowtieGo member QR Code by logging into the online portal. You may enjoy the membership simply by showing it to the clinic staff before and after your medical consultation!


What if the clinic staff claims that he/she does not know BowtieGo when you visit the clinic?

Please tell them you are a customer with “Bowtie Life Insurance Company”. If they are still not recognising your identity, please contact our CS team at 3008 8123. Please leave us a message on WhatsApp 3008 8123 or email at if we are away at non-office hours. We shall contact you as soon as possible.

Let the staff know you are a BowtieGo member when you made the appointment. Then, the above mentioned situation may not happen!


How can I continue my clinic registration when my QR code becomes invalid?

You may give the clinic staff your consultation number (a set of 12 characters including letters and numbers) which is under the QR code. If the scanning fails, you can try entering your consultation number to the system.


The actual price is different from the one listed on the BowtieGo doctors’ list.

The pricing on the doctors’ list is for reference only. Actual price depends on the doctor’s diagnosis and is subject to change.

Check with the clinic when you made the appointment with them. But of course, the actual medical consultation cost is still subject to the doctor's diagnosis. Or, you may contact us at 3008 8123 or email us at, we will try our best to offer help!


Why is the actual payment amount not half price of the full amount?

You may enjoy BowtieGo member exclusive price as low as half of the consultation fees! But there is a chance that medicine fees may not be included.

Take Chinese medicine consultation as an example, only 2 doses of medicine would be included in member exclusive price (which is stated in the membership), if you need more doses, an extra fee may be required. The actual charge depends on the doctor's diagnosis.

Consult with the clinic staff when you are making the appointment or revisit the details of BowtieGo’s membership before medical consultation!


How can the clinic staff help you obtain the QR code if you have no internet access?

You may ask the clinic staff to visit the BowtieGo online portal with their computer(s) for you to login. By logging in to the portal, you can obtain your QR code.


Is there a limit to how many times I can visit a doctor in one day? Can I use the same QR code for multiple consultation within a day?

BowtieGo supports unlimited times of outpatient services. You may visit the same doctor multiple times on the same day.

A new QR code is generated every time you log into the portal. Therefore, the same QR code cannot be used twice.


The clinic I visit claims that I am not eligible for the BowtieGo membership programme.

Depending on the membership level, you may enjoy different services and consultations.

Revisit details of your BowtieGo membership on the customers portal before medical consultations. If you have any inquiries on service you are eligible for, please contact our CS team at 3008 8123 or email us at, we will get back to you as soon as possible!


How do I pay after my consultation?

Different clinics accept different payment methods including cash, credit card or e-payment. You may pay with what the clinic accepts and suits you best.