How can I apply for the cashless hospitalisation service?

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Cashless hospitalisation / Pre-approval service covers all Bowtie products (except Cancer Fighter) and is applicable to all Hong Kong private hospitals, and day-surgery centres within the hospital areas (except clinics). If the insured person needs to receive medical services due to an injury or illness in a private hospital under a non-emergency medical situation, including day-surgery or hospitalization as advised, he or she could apply for this pre-approval service.

When the insured is recommended by a doctor to undergo inpatient procedures/day surgery, he/she could follow the steps below to apply for the pre-approval service:

  1. Download the pre-approval claim form from the Bowtie online portal
  2. Both the policyholder and the insured person needs to sign the form
  3. The attending doctor is required to fill in all the details
  4. Upload the completed pre-approval form through the online portal.

If the information is sufficient for our review, this will take roughly 5 working days to process the pre-approval application (the actual time may vary due to individual circumstances).

If there is any update on the case, our claims specialist will update the status through the online portal or by phone. If the case is successfully approved, an approval letter will be uploaded to the online portal. Upon registration at the hospital, you may notify the hospital staff that the cashless settlement has been arranged by Bowtie, and present the insured person’s identification document, the approval letter issued by Bowtie and the admission letter for their processing.

Upon discharge from the hospital, Bowtie will pay for the medical expenses that have been previously approved. If the medical expenses incurred during the medical service exceeds the approved amount, customers will need to pay for the shortfall amount (difference) first and submit the receipt with the shortfall amount via Bowtie online portal for an additional claim.

Please note that customers will need to resubmit their pre-approval application if they need to change the date of surgery or ward level prior to admission. Other than that, even if the cashless settlement has been arranged, hospitals could charge a deposit at their discretion, we suggest customers confirm with the hospital staff prior to admission.