What is the meaning of resetting the insured amount to $1,000,000?

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Bowtie Cancer Fighter provides a maximum coverage of $1,000,000 every 3 years until the accumulated benefits payable reaches lifetime coverage. This arrangement will not be affected by the patient's medical condition.

Assume that the insured person has get insured with Bowtie's Cancer Fighter 300.

For the first time he/she is diagnosed with cancer, he/she will be able to claim a maximum of HK$1,000,000 for cancer-related medical expenses. If the amount is all used up in the first 3 years, another HK$1,000,000 will be activated in the 4th year if he/ she is diagnosed with Cancer again.

If the 2nd HK$1,000,000 is used during 4th-6th year, the 3rd HK$1,000,000 coverage will be ready for use in the 7th year.