What is BowtieGo?

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What is BowtieGo?

BowtieGo is a health and wellness membership program managed by Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited. It provides medical consultation ranging from General Practitioner, Chinese Medicine, 24 types of specialist consultation to dental and physiotherapy, etc. to the member at member-only price.


Medical consultations that members could enjoy depends on their plan level. Plan Level includes:

  1. BowtieGo Free Plan*
  2. BowtieGo Standard (Insurance) Plan
  3. BowtieGo Premium (Insurance) Plan


If you are interested in the membership, please contact our CS officer at 3008 8123 or cs@bowtie.com.hk for plan offers (Currently, we only accept applications from companies or entities or Bowtie VHIS policyholders)


*Every Bowtie VHIS policyholders are eligible to apply for this plan.


Is BowtieGo an insurance product?

BowtieGo Free plan is not an insurance product because it does not include any death benefit.


BowtieGo Standard (Insurance) plan and BowtieGo Premium (Insurance) plan are insurance products as they include a death benefit as part of the plan.


You may read the Terms & Conditions of the program for further information. Though, all the outpatient services provided in the plans are not insurance products