What is BowtiePoint?

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Bowtie & Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong Wellness Package will provide 1,500 BowtiePoint for customers to redeem different Optional Medical and Health Services provided by Gleneagles.


Provided by Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong:

Vision Care 300 BowtiePoint
Consultation provided by dietitians (2 sessions) 900 BowtiePoint


Provided by Gleneagles Medical Clinic Central(only redeemable during the Annual Comprehensive Health Examination and only applicable for age 18 and above):

Extended Liver Function & Hepatitis Screening Profile 1,500 BowtiePoint
Thyroid Function 500 BowtiePoint
Other Tumour Markers 1,500 BowtiePoint
Diabetes Screening (HbA1c) 300 BowtiePoint
Extended Renal Function & Electrolytes 300/500 BowtiePoint
Liquid Based Pap Test (include doctor fee) 500 BowtiePoint
Tumour Marker for Ovarian Cancer (CA125) 600 BowtiePoint


Provided by Gleneagles Medical Clinic Central:

General Practitioner Consultation (inclusive of standard medication for 3 days) 500 BowtiePoint


BowtiePoint is only applicable to the Package. It will be effective 90 days after the Package is in force. It is redeemable until the end of the policy year of the Package. The online portal will also indicate the effective period. BowtiePoint cannot be accumulated to another policy year, and cannot be exchanged for cashback. Please be reminded to use BowtiePoint to redeem health services before the expiry date.