Does Bowtie VHIS have any restriction on the room level?

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There is no restriction. But we have suggested the ward type for each VHIS plan based on the benefit limit. If the insured person is hospitalized in a higher-level ward room than the ward level suggested by Bowtie, the reimbursement rate may be lower than expected. 


VHIS Standard

VHIS Flexi Regular

VHIS Flexi Plus

Pink VHIS (Semi-Private)

Pink VHIS (Private)

Room suggested

Standard room

Standard room

Semi-private room

Semi-private room

Private room

I was admitted to a higher-level ward class because the ward room was full. Will this affect my reimbursement?

Below reasons would not affect reimbursement amount: 

  1. Unavailability of ward or room shortage for emergency treatment;
  2. Isolation reasons requiring confinement in the higher ward class;
  3. For any other reason not involving the Policyholder's and/or Insured Person's personal preference.

Besides ward level, Bowtie’s VHIS series provide different areas of coverage and benefit limit.

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