Can I adjust the deductible options at any time?

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Bowtie Pink VHIS Plan policyholder can request to adjust the deductible option on any Renewal Date.

Request on any Renewal Date Underwriting Requirement
Increase Deductible No
Reduce or remove the Deductible Re-underwriting required

However, where the policy has satisfied below 2 conditions, Bowtie Pink VHIS policyholder can exercise a one-off right to reduce or remove the deductible, without re-underwriting and providing further evidence of the insurability of the insured:

  1. Where the Insured Person has been covered under the Policy continuously for 2 consecutive Policy Years
  2. The Insured Person attains the Age of 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 or 80

The policyholder can request to exercise such right, made not less than 30 days prior to the Renewal Date on or immediately following the date that the Insured Person attains the required Age. Please notes that this right can only be exercised 1 time during the lifetime of the Insured Person.

In any case, after the change of Deductible, the premiums of the Policy will be adjusted according to the prevailing Standard Premium schedule and the relevant Terms. For details, please refer to the policy terms and conditions Supplement No. 1.

If you would like to adjust the deductible options, please contact our Customer Service Team at 3008 8123 or email

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