Do Bowtie VHIS plans support treatment expenses for cancer? Is the coverage adequate?

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All VHIS from Bowtie provide coverage for designated cancer prescribed diagnostic imaging tests*, surgical treatments, and prescribed non-surgical cancer treatment^, but the benefit limits of each plan vary. 

If you want sufficient coverage for cancer, you can consider insurance proposals below: 

Proposal 1: Bowtie VHIS Standard/Flexi + Cancer Fighter

Bowtie VHIS Standard/ Flexi Regular or Plus are designed for general hospitalization expenses and may not have sufficient coverage for cancer. To have sufficient protection over cancer, you can consider purchasing an additional policy - Bowtie Cancer Fighter.


Who should take Proposal 1?

Individuals without personal or group medical insurance.

Proposal 2: Bowtie Pink

Bowtie Pink (Semi-Private/ Private room) has no benefit limit for individual items, and can provide full coverage1 for eligible Cancer medical expenses such as diagnosis, hospitalization, surgery, and non-surgical cancer treatment^. Policyholders of this plan do not need to purchase additional insurance policies for sufficient cancer coverage.


Who should take Proposal 2? Individuals with personal or group medical insurance.

You only need HK$2572 per month to get Bowtie Pink!

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*Including: CT Scan, MRI Scan, PET Scan, PET–CT combination, and PET–MRI combination. The Company shall have the right to ask for proof of recommendation e.g. written referral or testifying statement on the claim form by the attending doctor or Registered Medical Practitioner.
^Including: radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and hormonal therapy
#Bowtie Cancer Fighter provides full coverage for all levels of malignant cancer and carcinoma in situ, from diagnosis and monitoring to surgery, treatment and medication expenses (including targeted therapy and immunotherapy) with customers not needing to pay any deductibles.
1 Bowtie Pink’s full coverage only applies to eligible medical expenses for designated items, subject to annual and lifetime benefit limits, specified ward level, and territorial scope of cover (treatments in the US & hospitals outside the specified lists in China are not protected). Compensation for some items may be subject to item benefit limits.
2 The monthly standard premiums shown here is based on a 30-year-old non-smoking male purchasing Bowtie Pink (Semi-Private) with a deductible of HK$80,000.