Do Bowtie VHIS plans support treatment expenses for cancer? Is the coverage adequate?

  • Updated

All Bowtie VHIS plans support specified medical expenses for cancer, including screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Except for Bowtie Pink, the other Bowtie VHIS plans are designed for inpatient medical expenses, balancing premiums and hospitalisation coverage as far as possible, which is different from the cancer insurance plan. Therefore, the coverage under VHIS may not be adequate for cancer.

If you have purchased Bowtie VHIS Standard, Flexi Regular or Flexi Plus and wish to increase the cancer treatment coverage, you could also consider adding on Bowtie Cancer Fighter.

Bowtie Cancer Fighter includes full coverage for all levels of malignant cancer and carcinoma in situ, from diagnosis and monitoring to surgery, treatment and medication expenses (including targeted therapy and immunotherapy). You do not need to pay any deductibles and the coverage shall end when the benefit reaches the policy's lifetime coverage limit. Claims may be subject to relevant terms and conditions.