Could VHIS provide overseas protection/ benefits?

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Both Bowtie VHIS Standard, Flexi (Regular / Plus) and Bowtie Pink (Semi-Private/ Private) provide worldwide coverage, except for Psychiatric Treatments, Rehabilitative care, and Medical negligence benefit. They are only available in Hong Kong.

Among the three plans, only Bowtie Pink (Semi-Private/Private) has no benefit limit for individual benefit items, and can provide full cover* to all eligible medical expenses including diagnosis, hospitalization, surgery, and specified non-surgical cancer treatments.


Looking for medical insurance that provides overseas coverage?

For just HK$257 ^per month, you can get a full-cover VHIS*

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^ The monthly standard premiums shown here is based on a 30-year-old non-smoking male purchasing Bowtie Pink (Semi-Private) with a deductible of HK$80,000
*Bowtie Pink’s full coverage only applies to eligible medical expenses for designated items, subject to annual and lifetime benefit limits, specified ward level, and territorial scope of cover (treatments in the US & hospitals outside the specified lists in China are not protected). Compensation for some items may be subject to item benefit limits.