Does Bowtie VHIS provide coverage overseas? Will the cover remain effective if I immigrate or leave Hong Kong?

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Yes. The plan provides worldwide coverage. And The coverage shall remain effective whether the Insured Persons plan to reside overseas temporarily or permanently*. The policy reimbursement rate also will not be affected.

Scope of Coverage for Each VHIS Plan:

  VHIS Standard VHIS Flexi Bowtie Pink
Coverage Area Global (excluding psychiatric treatment) Global (excluding psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, and medical negligence coverage) Global (excluding the US and non-designated hospitals in China); Psychiatric treatment limited to Hong Kong only

At the time of insurance purchase, both the policyholder and the insured must reside in Hong Kong. The policy remains effective even if the insured relocates overseas temporarily or long-term (except in sanctioned or war-affected areas).

However, due to potentially higher risks in the country of relocation, additional premiums may be charged for those regions. Policyholders can choose not to renew if they disagree with the proposed additional premium adjustments. Short stays in other countries, or travel, work, or study abroad do not incur extra premiums.

Please notify Bowtie of any changes in address. For further inquiries, call customer service at 3008 8123.

*except for places of residence affected by sanctions or war