What is the difference between Bowtie Term Critical Illness and Bowtie Cancer Fighter?

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Differences between the 2 plans in coverage and reimbursement method

There are 2 Bowtie Term Critical Illness Insurance : (1) Bowtie Term Critical Illness and (2) Bowtie Term Critical Illness Multiple Cover ; Bowtie Cancer Fighter can be divided into 3 levels, including (1) Cancer Fighter 100, (2) Cancer Fighter 200, and (3) Cancer Fighter 300. The level affect the lifetime benefit limit directly. For Cancer Fighter 100, the insured person get a lifetime benefit limit of HK$1 million, and so on.

The table below summarizes the differences between Bowtie Term Critical Illness Multiple Cover, and Bowtie Cancer Fighter 300:

  Bowtie Term Critical Illness Multiple Cover Bowtie Cancer Fighter 300
Purpose of Coverage Mainly used to cover living expenses when suffering from critical illnesses; can also be used to pay for treatment costs Covers medical services related to cancer
  1. Covers 38 types of critical illnesses
  2. 4 Supplementary Coverages*
Covers medical services required due to insured cancer
Reimbursement Method
  1. Lump sum payout
  2. Up to 5 times^
  3. Reimbursement is 100% of the insured amount for each claim

Claims paid based on the actual expenses incurred

Lifetime benefit limit of HK$3 million#

*The 4 "Supplementary Coverages" include terminal illness, Total Permanent Disability, Loss of Independent Existence, and Major Medical Treatment. For detailed definitions, please refer to Bowtie Critical Illness Insurance: Definition of Major Critical Illnesses and Surgical Procedures.
^ Cancer, heart disease, and stroke can be claimed for multiple times, and the other 35 insured critical illnesses can be claimed once, with a total of 5 claims, each of which is 100% of the insured amount. There is a waiting period of 2 years for each claim.
# Depending on the plan chosen.

Which one to choose?

The coverage of the two plans is quite different and hard to compare directly. If you have a limited budget, you can consider the purchase decision with the following principles:

  1. If you already have full-covered medical insurance (such as Bowtie Pink), which is sufficient to cover cancer expenses, and you live relying on the monthly salary. Then it is recommended to choose Bowtie Term Critical Illness now. Even if you choose Bowtie Cancer Fighter, the coverage is likely to overlap with your existing medical insurance, so it is better to allocate your budget to critical illness insurance. In that way, even if you are unable to work due to a critical illness, you do not have to worry about living expenses. Learn more about Bowtie Term Critical Illness.
  2. If you have a medical insurance that provide basic coverage, which may not be enough to pay for cancer treatment costs over HK$1 million. We recommend that you choose Bowtie Cancer Fighter first to increase your protection. Learn more about Bowtie Cancer Fighter.
  3. If you do not have medical insurance, you should consider Bowtie VHIS first, rather than cancer Fighter or Term Critical Illness Insurance, because Bowtie VHIS provides you the most comprehensive coverage compared to the other two, everything from accidents to minor and major illnesses. Learn more about the coverage of Bowtie VHIS.