What are the differences between the 3 Bowtie VHIS Plan?

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Bowtie currently offers 3 VHIS Plans, including Standard Plan, Flexi Plan, and BowtiePink, each with different coverage limits, room grades, and deductible options.

You can choose primarily based on whether you already have health insurance:

  • If you do not have health insurance - VHIS Standard or VHIS Flexi
  • If you already have health insurance - BowtiePink
  VHIS Standard VHIS Flexi Bowtie Pink
Features Suitable for those with a limited premium budget
  • Standard room
  • Covers basic hospitalization and surgical expenses
Suitable for long-term primary medical coverage
  • Options for Ward room / Semi-private room
  • Includes Supplementary Major Medical (SMM)
Suitable for those looking to enhance existing health insurance coverage
  • Options for ward room, Semi-private room, or Private room
  • Four deductible options: HK$80,000, HK$50,000, HK$20,000, and HK$0
Basic coverage limit HK$420,000/ /year, with no lifetime limit.
  • Regular Plan: HK$600,000 /year, with no lifetime limit.
  • Plus Plan: HK$1,000,000 /year, with no lifetime limit.
  • Ward Plan: HK$8 million per year; HK$40 million per lifetime
  • Semi-private Plan: HK$10 million per year; HK$50 million per lifetime
  • Private Plan: HK$20 million per year; HK$80 million per lifetime

Click here to view a detailed comparison of the plans. If needed, you can also seek for product advice via WhatsApp at 6016 5980!