If I already have medical insurance (Group/ Individual Medical Plan), how should I choose the Bowtie VHIS that is the most appropriate?

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You can consider Bowtie Pink VHIS with a deductible to supplement your existing health insurance (commonly known as "Top-Up" insurance), which can enhance protection while also helps saving on premiums.

Based on the coverage level of your company's group medical insurance, you can decide on an appropriate deductible. When you need to file a claim, you can first claim it from your company's group medical insurance, and the remaining eligible medical expenses, after deducting the deductible, can be covered by Bowtie Pink.

For example, if you opt for the Bowtie Pink VHIS plan with a HK$20,000 deductible, of which the deductible is calculated per policy year, meaning you need to bear the first HK$20,000 of eligible medical expenses each policy year (including expenses claimed from company health insurance), after which Bowtie will cover for the remaining eligible medical expenses.

If needed, you can also seek product advice via WhatsApp at 6016 5980!

Bowtie offers various products with different levels of coverage. You can consider and choose the most appropriate insurance product based on your personal needs and financial capacity.