Is health assessments required for underwriting before purchasing Bowtie VHIS?

  • Updated

Not required. Except for individuals over age 65 purchasing BowtiePink, you simply need to visit the Bowtie VHIS website, click "Apply Now", and complete the health declaration (underwriting questions).

We will base on your response in the health declaration in understanding any of your previously diagnosed conditions and their severity. Generally, we are able to calculate the most fair and accurate premium instantly. Most of the questions in the health declaration (95%) are multiple-choice.

The insured person whose age is between 66 and 80 must go to designated clinics to complete the following health assessments for underwriting, after applying for Bowtie Pink.

  • Health questionnaire
  • Resting electrocardiogram
  • Urinalysis
  • Blood tests include: i) liver function test, ii) kidney function test, iii) complete blood count, iv) lipid (cholesterol), v) fasting blood glucose, vi) glycosylated hemoglobin and vii) hepatitis B surface antigen