If I need to receive treatments or services outside of the selected medical packages from Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong, can I still be reimbursed?

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Yes, all treatments or services cost outside of the selected medical packages will still be reimbursed according to the maximum limits of the Bowtie VHIS Flexi Plan. If you wish to enjoy the "Cashless Settlement Service", you need to apply for the "Pre-approval Service" with Bowtie for the related costs yourself.

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong does provide cost estimation service for all patients before admission, and if needed, they will also specify the costs outside of their medical packages. Bowtie will estimate the reimbursement based on the hospital's quotation.

You may also consult with our claim specialists prior to starting your treatments officially by calling at 3001 5670 or by emailing at claim@bowtie.com.hk for more details.