Does Bowtie VHIS reimbursement only limit to certain diseases and treatments?

  • Updated

No. Bowtie VHIS reimburses for any accident or disease (except General Exclusion), covering eligible medical expenses related to hospitalization and surgery, including day surgeries and diagnostic procedures like gastroscopy, CT scans, MRI, etc. Common treatment claims include circumcision, appendectomy, hospital treatment for accidents, and cataract surgery.

However, it does not cover treatments unrelated to hospitalization and surgery such as common cold, dental treatments, and outpatient treatments. Exclusions mainly include any non-medical treatments, procedures, medications, tests, or services; dental costs and oral maxillofacial surgery (except emergency treatments and surgeries due to accidents during hospitalization); and traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

Review the coverage table and general exclusion for more detailed compensation limits, covered surgical procedures, and categories. You may also use the Bowtie Claim Calculator for more examples of claims and compensation rates.