How can I use my BowtiePoint to redeem the Optional Health Check Items at GHK?

  • Updated

This Wellness Plan comes with BowtiePoint that valued at HK$1500 every year for you to redeem designated Optional Health Check Items / Medical and Healthcare Services .

You need to call GHK at 3153 9000 / 3153 9113 to make an appointment before the visit. The hospital / medical center will provide the pre-check medical consultation, you can then log onto the "Redeem Services" page, and redeem health services according to the recommendations from your doctor with BowtiePoint. You will have to provide the QR Code as you receive the health services.

Please note that there will be a 90-day waiting period for "Annual core health check-up and optional health check items" in the first policy year of the Wellness Plan, with no waiting period for subsequent renewals.