What is GHK Wellness Package?

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The GHK Wellness Package is a one-stop "Medical Insurance + Health" service product jointly launched by Bowtie and the Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital (GHK). This wellness package serves as an rider for the Bowtie VHIS Flexi Plan. Flexi Plan customers can add this wellness package for an additional $200/month to enjoy:


1. “Annual Health Check-up (can add optional health check items recommended by doctors)”

GHK will offer pre-check medical consultation. In addition to basic health check-ups, you are also entitled to BowtiePoint, valued at HK$1500, which can be redeemed for designated optional health check as recommended by your doctor.

2. “Full Reimbursement for Selected Medical Packages”

Bowtie fully reimburses for 249 All-inclusive Fixed Price Medical Packages. The package fees cover doctors’ fees, room charges and all other procedure-related standard items and drugs

3. “Cashless Settlement Application Waiver”

By presenting the page after logging into the Bowtie online platform that indicates your Wellness Package during a pre- surgery medical consultation, Bowtie and GHK will automatically take care of the pre-approval application in respect of the medical package(s) selected by you, and you can enjoy a seamless cashless discharge process.


After purchasing the rider plan, even if you need to receive treatments at other hospitals, you will still get reimbursed for the costs according to the maximum limits of the Bowtie VHIS Flexi Plan, with no restrictions on your treatment options.