Do I need to undergo a physical examination when applying for Bowtie Term Life insurance?

  • Updated

If the total sum insured of all your life insurance policies at Bowtie does not exceed the standard sum assured (see below), a physical examination is not required. When applying for Bowtie Term Life Insurance, policyholders need only answer 3 simple underwriting questions about their health status to receive approval results in as little as 1 minute.

Age The maximum standard sum assured
18 – 45 years old HK$ 8,000,000
46 – 55 years old HK$ 4,000,000
56 – 60 years old HK$ 3,500,000
61 – 65 years old HK$ 1,000,000

If you wish to increase your coverage limit to a maximum of HK$20,000,000, please click here to learn more.