Can I apply for multiple policies?

  • Updated

Sure! You could apply for multiple policies under your name, including:

  • you as the policyholders & insured of different insurance products in the policies of different products
  • you as the policyholders while your family member as the insured in the policies of different products

You could manage all your policies under the same Bowtie account. If you wish to upgrade your existing plan in the future, you can submit the relevant upgrade application through the Bowtie online platform (Only applicable to Bowtie VHIS Plans and Bowtie Term Life. For upgrading other insurance plans, please contact Bowtie Customer Service Team.). Please note that purchasing multiple policies or upgrading your coverage may require re-underwriting.

Tips from Bowtie: If you have multiple policies, you may want to think through which eligible policies to apply for compensation first after medical treatments.

For example, you need hospitalization and physiotherapy after an accident, you may wish to get compensation from Bowtie Touchwood first before Bowtie VHIS as it may cover your spending fully! If you have doubts, contact us for advice!

You may also obtain a claim assessment before treatment for better planning! Just login to the customer portal and visit “Claim” page for assistance!