Do I need to undergo a physical examination when I apply for insurance?

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Bowtie is a virtual insurer and sells insurance online. We work differently from the other traditional insurers. While they may require a physical examination/ bodycheck report when you apply for insurance, we only need some answers related to your health conditions in multiple choice via our online platform. Just like a health questionnaire!

Our underwriting specialists will evaluate your answers and decide to proceed with the application or not. Our specialists may seek more information from you, such as previous medical reports, physical examination or blood test to judge the risk of declared diseases after the questionnaire.

Declare your health conditions honestly could help us come up with the best policy terms and conditions for you, thus, application may go faster. If you leave out certain diseases/ health conditions, we may need more time for evaluation. And if your conditions are found during claims applications, you may not get any compensation! Worse still, your policy may be cancelled.