When the policy is in effect, I plan to live overseas for permanent or temporary reasons, will the policy still be in effect?

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All Bowtie individual insurance plans (including VHIS, Term Life, Critical Illness, Touchwood and Cancer Fighter) will accept the applications for change of residence from any country/region (except in sanctioned countries) without terminating the policy.

Yet, an additional premium loading may be charged for the area you are moving to in order to reflect the potentially higher risk in the country you are moving to to ensure fairness to other policyholders.

Change of residency clause
How can I update my contact information?

If you wish to change your residency:

Please notify us via cs@bowtie.com.hk by providing the following information.

  1. New overseas residential address
  2. New overseas contact number
  3. Departure Date
  4. Reason for Departure (Permanent* or Temporary**)

* Permanent Departure means emigration where a person has been granted the additional right of abode

**Temporary Departure means The Insured will live overseas for a period of time for works or study, or other reasons besides a Permanent Departure