Employer platform - How to submit applications and find CS assistance

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Step-by-Step Video

To help employers/HR achieve their goals quickly, Bowtie has recorded multiple videos based on the most common situations. With these videos, employers can easily solve problems by following the step by step guide in the video for the following situations:

How to upload documents and submit applications in the employer account?

How to use the employer platform and find CS assistance? 

For employers: Once you received our confirmation email for the policy approval, you can login to the employer portal anytime to view your Group Medical policy detail, manage your policy such as payment method and editing insured members.

For employees: Please use the personal account login link to enjoy service.

My Policy

View information of your policy including policy detail, contact person and payment record.


An overview of your group medical plans. You can have a glance of your plan options, billing information and payment method on this page.en_GM employer portal - overview.png

Plan Information

You can view details of your core and supplementary plan, and terminate policy here.

en_GM employer portal - plan information.png

Contact person

View and edit company contact person.

en_GM employer portal - contact person.png

Payment method

Choose to pay the premium by credit card or check. Credit cards will be paid on a monthly basis, and if you choose a check as the payment method for the premium, it will be paid on an annual basis.

en_GM employer portal - payment method.png


You can browse your payment records on this page.

en_GM employer portal - invoice.png



Basic information

Edit basic company information on this page.

en_GM employer portal - company basic.png

Stakeholder information

View information of your company’s owner, directors, and shareholders.

en_GM employer portal - company stakeholder.png