Employer Platform - How to apply for Bowtie insurance and set up a employer account

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Step-by-Step Video

To help employers/HR achieve their goals quickly, Bowtie has recorded multiple videos based on the most common situations. With these videos, employers can easily solve problems by following the Step by Step guide in the video for the following situations:

How to browse the medical insurance page and apply for medical insurance?

How to create an employer account?

Bowtie Group Medical Platform: Detailed Page Introduction 

  1. Bowtie Medical Insurance Website
    Different medical insurance plans can be queried to understand their coverage. By filling in relevant information and answering simple questions, employers can submit an application to the group medical insurance specialist to obtain more assistance and information. Check it out here.
  2. Request a Quote Employers
    Obtain a quote here by entering the following information:
    Step 1. Enter the company's medical insurance plan
    Step 2. Number of people who need to be insured and related information
  3. Create a Bowtie Employer Account
    After filling in basic contact information, reading and agreeing to the relevant terms, and uploading the required documents as prompted, a Bowtie employer account is successfully created. If you already have an account, you can log in directly here.