BowtieVision Plan Features

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What kind of services are offered?

BowtieVision offers members four options for value-packed vision care plans that start with a comprehensive eye exam, the actual benefits entitled to the member will be depending on plan level. Please log into the online portal for details of your plan.

What is the difference between a comprehensive eye exam and a refraction test?

Refraction Test

A refraction test simply determines your prescription to see clearly. It takes 10-15 minutes.

Comprehensive Eye Exam


A comprehensive eye exam is designed to fully evaluate your eyewear prescription and assess the health of your eyes. It can help identify common eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal problems, as well as reveal larger health issues such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, often before symptoms become present.

Typically, it takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour. As dilation may be involved, you may experience blurry vision after the comprehensive eye exam, for an average of two to four hours. It is not recommended to drive if your eyes have been dilated.

Who are BowtieVision network providers?

OPTICAL 88 - OPTICAL 88’s Professional Eyecare Centre (located in Central, Taikoo, and Shatin) provides comprehensive eye examinations and eyecare services, including glasses and contact lenses. There are also more than 60 retail locations in Hong Kong. Click here to find a location.

Can I use my BowtieVision plan anywhere else?

No, you must receive vision care services from a BowtieVision network provider (OPTICAL 88). You must purchase materials from the same provider that administered your eye exam. Services received elsewhere will not be covered under your BowtieVision plan.

Can I use my frame allowance to purchase more than one pair of prescription glasses?

You may use your frame allowance under BowtieVision Premium, BowtieVision Kids, and BowtieVision Kids Premium to purchase one pair of prescription glasses. You may buy more than one pair, but the frame allowance only applies to the first pair. To receive 20% discount on the second pair, you must purchase both at the same time.

For contact lens benefits, you may use your allowance to purchase contact lenses package.

How often can I use my BowtieVision?

  Eligible services throughout the membership year
  1. one (1) comprehensive eye exam
BowtieVision Premium
  1. one (1) comprehensive eye exam, and
  2. one (1) frame and lens package OR (1) contact lenses package
BowtieVision Kids
  1. one (1) myopia management consultation, and
  2. one (1) frames and myopia management lens package OR (1) myopia management contact lenses package OR (1) orthokeratology (OK-Lens) package
BowtieVision Kids Premium
  1. one (1) myopia management consultation,
  2. one (1) atropine package, and
  3. one (1) frames and myopia management lens package OR (1) myopia management contact lenses package OR (1) orthokeratology (OK-Lens) package


Can I get glasses or contacts first, then get the comprehensive eye exam later?

While we do not recommend this, you have the flexibility to get glasses or contact lenses first before getting the comprehensive eye exam. However, if for some reason you have a refraction test at Optical 88 retail store without purchasing eyewear, the refraction test would be counted as your eligible eye exam and you will not be able to conduct the comprehensive eye exam at the Optical 88 Professional Eyecare Centre later.

Can I apply for BowtieVision when I already have my own medical insurance or medical insurance covered by my company?

Yes, you can apply for the BowtieVision membership even if you have other medical insurance plans. You may enjoy the member benefits when visiting the network provider.