How to use BowtieVision? - At the network provider

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How to use BowtieVision at the clinic?

Obtain a BowtieVision member QR Code by logging into the online portal. You may enjoy the membership simply by showing it to the onsite staff before and after your consultation!

What if the staff claims that he/she does not know BowtieVision when you visit the clinic?

Please tell them you are a customer with “Bowtie Life Insurance Company”. 

If they are still not recognising your identity, please contact our CS team at 3008 8123. Please leave us a message at WhatsApp (3008 8123) or email at if we are away at non-office hours. We shall contact you as soon as possible.

Contact Bowtie customer service
Hotline/WhatsApp:3008 8123

Office hour
Monday to Friday:9am-7pm
Sunday and public holiday: closed

Tips from Bowtie: Let the staff know you are a BowtieVision member when you made the appointment. Then, the above mentioned situation may not happen!

How can I continue my clinic registration when my QR code becomes invalid?

You may give the onsite staff your “Service Code” (a set of 8 characters including letters and numbers) which is under the QR code. Even if the scanning fails, it still works if they input the number to the system.

Do I need to make a claim to use my BowtieVision plan?

You do not need to take action or submit a claim. Your BowtieVision network provider will electronically submit for services on your behalf. Bowtie will process payment directly. You won’t have to pay anything out of pocket at the point of service unless you exceeded your allowance (if applicable) for the covered services.