How to use BowtieVision? - General Questions

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How to use BowtieVision?

Log into our customer portal for all the information you may need!

Upon successful application of BowtieVision, you should be able to log into the portal with your registered email and password as the contract holder.

In the portal, you may:

  1. Retrieve your plan details, booking instruction, and terms & conditions.
  2. Gain access to your health service QR code, you need this when you make an appointment and visit the network provider! Show it to the onsite staff before and after the redemption.

How do I obtain my QR code?

Follow below 4 steps:

  1. Upon successful registration, please log into the Bowtie customer online portal.


  2. Click "Health Service".
  3. Choose the BowtieVision membership that is in-force.
  4. Click "Service Code". Remember to show it to the onsite staff before and after the consultation. We suggest making an appointment with the targeted clinic by phone to secure a consultation time slot just for you!

Do I need to make an appointment for my comprehensive eye exam?

Yes, you do. Making an appointment allows the clinic to arrange an appointment time slot best for you! You may schedule your comprehensive eye exam at one of the BowtieVision network providers.

OPTICAL 88 Professional Eyecare Centre
Yat Fat Building, Central Tel:(852) 2598 8798
Kornhill Plaza, Taikoo Tel:(852) 2569
New Town Tower, Shatin Tel:(852) 2605 1120

Membership verification will be made upon arrival. Be prepared to provide your first name, surname and QR code and identify yourself as a BowtieVision member.

Why is my QR code not working?

If it is not working, please call or WhatsApp our customer service team at 3008 8123 or for plan offers.

Contact Bowtie customer service
Hotline/WhatsApp:3008 8123

Office hour
Monday to Friday:9am-7pm
Sunday and public holiday: closed